The following terms are used throughout the Call Tracking Portal and are defined for clarification below.


A person with the company that answers the call and speaks to the Caller (customer).


Pre-Recorded audio files that can be used in Campaigns to provide specific announcements for use as Voicemail Greetings, Call Recording Warning, IVR menu options, Survey questions or Agent Whisper announcements.


Application Programming Interface used to connect with other systems that are not provided by standard integrations.


The customer who has called the Tracking Number and is seeking information on a product or service.

Caller Announcement

Announcement heard by the caller at the beginning of the call. It can be used to welcome the caller or identify the company or team they have been connected with.

Caller ID Overstamp

Function to override the default Caller ID (CID) displayed on the Agents phone with a state based number to allow visual identification of the inbound Call Routing Profile.

Call Option

A list of different options where a call can be routed including, IVR, Fax, Voicemail, Termination phone number or Announcement.

Call Recording

Recording of the call from the initial Call Recording Warning announcement all the way through to the final Voicemail Message including any Caller Announcements, IVR Menu selections, Whispers, Caller-Agent conversation and Surveys.

Call Recording Warning

Announcement heard by the Caller that Call Recording is taking place.

Call Routing Profile

Prioritised lists of the different Call Options that will be activated when an inbound Tracking Number is called. Allows a combination of terminations, IVR options, Voicemail or Fax.


Advertising channels used to present product or company information out to customers. Campaigns can be run online via a website or offline on TV or radio or even print.

Combined Tracking

Google Analytics define combined tracking types as follows;

  • Direct - Identifies traffic generated directly through people typing a URL and also indicates people who clicked on the links from their bookmarks/favourites, un-tagged links within emails, or links from documents that don't include tracking variables such as in PDFs or Word documents.
  • Organic - Identifies traffic through un-paid search results. Website listings on search engines like Google.
  • Referral - Identifies traffic generated by people clicking on links from other websites, obviously excluding all the search engines.
  • Paid Search - Identifies traffic generated through Pay-Per-Click campaigns


A phone number where a call is routed to. Can be a mobile number or landline that represents a particular team or department within a company.


Provides a Fax to Email conversion solution used as a Call Option.

Global Site Tag

A single conversion tracking tag used with Google Adwords.


(see Global Site Tag).


Integrations provides links into common Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.


Interactive Voice Response allows callers to make selections using digits 0-9, *, # to direct a call to a particular team or service. 

Match Parameters

Match Parameters are Google Analytics fields and are used to match against campaign and traffic-source data.
(Refer to Google Analytics Support Articles - Campaigns and traffic sources for more details)

Match String

A Match String is used to provide a value to compare against a Match Parameter.

My Profile

Admin User Account Profile where key information can be set relating to the account.


Email address used to receive email notifications based on the selected call options.

Offline Campaign

A Campaign that is run on TV or newspaper advertisement, which is different to a Campaign run online via a website. Offline Campaigns have limited tracking capabilities.


List of Tracking Numbers that are used in a Campaign.


Allows table based presentation of call tracking information.


Allows information to be gathered from callers using pre-recorded announcements (questions) for use with satisfaction type data analysis.

Surveys can be activated at the end of a call and the caller makes a selection using digits 0-9, *, # to select from one or more questions.


A Destination number where a call is routed to.

Time of Day Routing

Allows calls to be automatically routed to various Call Options such as voicemail, number terminations etc.

Tracking Number

Inbound phone numbers that are tracked for calls against a Campaign.

Voicemail Greeting

Announcement that the Caller hears when a call is routed to Voicemail.

Voicemail Message

The voice message left by the Caller when an Agent was unable to take the call or the call was routed to Voicemail as part of Time of Day Routing.


Agent/Call Whispers are announcements that are played only to an agent prior to connecting with the caller to indicate which Tracking Number is being connected.