Adjusting Call Routing Profiles provides the ability to change values and settings that were originally applied. This could include a destination phone number, a voicemail email address or a custom announcement.

Call Routing adjustments can also include changing the order of each Call Control item.

  1. Login to the Call Tracking Portal.
  2. Select Call Routing Profiles from the left-hand menu.
  3. Choose the relevant Call Routing Profile from the list and select Edit.
  4. Choose the relevant Call Control item from the list.
  5. Adjust the Call Control options as required e.g. Attempted Termination - change the Whisper custom audio file or the destination number.
  6. Select Save to apply the changes.
  7. To reorder Call Control items, click-and-drag the relevant Call Control item to a new position in the list as required.
  8. Then select Save & Apply to continue.
  9. To test the Call Routing adjustment has been applied correctly, call the Campaign Tracking Number linked to the Call Routing Profile to check the adjustments have been applied.