Having the ability to add sub-user accounts along side the main admin account provides a manageable and controlled environment for all agents to make changes in the portal as required.

Each main account can support multiple sub-users accounts which helps to avoid the need to share passwords across multiple user.

Sub-user accounts utilise an email address for the login details and can be assigned access to specific campaigns as required. Sub-user accounts can also be authorised to place phone number orders or can also be given full administrations rights the same as the main account. 

  1. Login to the Call Control Portal.
  2. Select My Profile from the left-hand menu.
  3. Got to the User Access tab.
  4. Go to the Sublogins tab.
  5. Select Add New then enter a user email address (see note 1,2) and password. 
  6. Select Add to continue.
  7. Select or clear relevant User Account Options as required;
    • Disabled - select Disabled to deactivate the sub-user account. The user will not be able to login while disabled.
    • Campaign Access - Select Configure to allow selection of specific Campaigns to allow/restrict sub-user account access.
    • Admin User - select Admin User to give the sub-user account full admin access to all portal features.
    • Can Order - select Can Order to give the sub-user access to Phone Number Ordering feature.
  8. Manually send the sub-user account details to the user.

Note 1: Sub-user account email addresses cannot be the same as the admin user account or an existing sub-user account.

Note 2: Sub-user account email addresses cannot contain the + character