Having the ability for agents to identify each call is critical when providing a personalised customer experience.

Agent Whispers provide important call information directly to the Agent just before the call is accepted and importantly, the Caller cannot hear an Agent Whisper.

Agent whispers are used to identify which tracking number has been called and the reason this number has been setup.

The following are examples of how agent whispers can be used in your business.

  • Tracking number specific to a department or team; e.g. whisper advises agent of sales, support, billing or delivery enquiry
  • Tracking number specific to customer membership groups; e.g. whisper advises agent of bronze, silver gold, platinum membership level caller
  • Tracking number specific to a business when multiple businesses are supported by the same agents; e.g. whisper advises the agent of Business-A, Business-B or Business-C

A custom audio file must be created and then uploaded to the Call Control Portal for each agent whisper required. Agent whispers can be applied to each Call Routing Profile.

Important: the Agent Whisper will not work when the Press to accept feature is activated; only one of these features can be active at a time on each Call Routing Profile.


  1. Login to the Call Control Portal.
  2. Select Call Routing Profiles from the left-hand menu.
  3. Hover over the relevant Call Routing Profile from the list and select Edit.
  4. Select Attempt Termination from the Call Control list.
  5. Select the Whisper option.
  6. Ensure the Press to accept option is cleared.
  7. Choose the appropriate custom audio file from the Whisper list as required.
  8. Select Save to save the changes to the attempt termination option.
  9. Select Save to save all changes to the Call Routing Profile.
  10. To test the custom Agent Whisper announcement has been applied correctly, call the Campaign Tracking Number linked to the Call Routing Profile and wait until the call is routed to the Agent to hear the whisper.