A voicemail message is the last chance to retain your customer. Setting a custom voicemail message ensures that you provide the right information to the caller specific to your business or team.

A custom audio file can be created and then uploaded to the portal as the voicemail message for each Call Routing Profile. A custom email address can also be added to allow sending of the voicemail message direct to an Agent or team.

  1. Login to the Call Tracking Portal.
  2. Select Call Routing Profiles from the left-hand menu.
  3. Choose the relevant Call Routing Profile from the list and select Edit.
  4. From the Call Control list select Voicemail.
  5. From the Voice Message list choose the appropriate custom audio file as required.
  6. Enter a valid email address of an individual agent or team based email.
  7. Select Save & Apply to continue.
  8. To test the custom voicemail message has been applied correctly, call the Campaign Tracking Number for the Call Routing Profile and wait until the call is routed to voicemail.