Custom audio files can be uploaded to be used with various features of the Call Tracking Portal.

Files can be provided in various file types and will be converted to the correct format during upload (refer to How to create custom audio files for more details).

  1. Login to the Call Control Portal.
  2. Select Voice Messages from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Upload Messages option.
  4. Select the Choose File option, navigate to the appropriate folder on the computer where audio files are stored, then choose the custom audio file from the list.
  5. Enter a Title for the custom audio file.
    Note: The suggestion is to utilise the same naming conventions used to save the audio file (Refer to Custom Audio Files naming conventions for more details).
  6. Select Upload to continue.
  7. The custom audio file will now appear in the list.
  8.  The audio file is now available for selection from one of the possible features;
    • Call Recording Warning
    • Caller Announcement
    • Interactive Voice Response
    • Agent Whisper
    • Voicemail Greeting
    • Survey Question
    • Survey Help Tip