Having the ability to record calls for a particular Campaign is important as it allows the quality of calls to be measured. Call recording can help stop lost calls and lost business opportunities, it also improves customer service and can increase sales through the implementation of continual improvements. Other reasons include; complying with industry regulations, increasing security, avoidance of caller abuse and also providing a record of the transaction contents to reduce disputes and assist with refunds.

Call recording can be activated per Campaign Tracking Number Pool. When activated, all calls are recorded and the Call Recording Warning announcement is enabled by default; this announces to the Caller that call recording is taking place.

Customised warning and Agent announcements can also be chosen and a survey can be selected to follow up the call.

All audio from the call warning announcement through to the customer survey is recorded and can be played back from the Reports menu.

  1. Login to the Call Control Portal.
  2. Select Campaigns from the left-hand menu.

  3. Choose the relevant Campaign Name from the list of available campaigns.

  4. Choose the relevant Pool Name from the list of available pools.

  5. Go to the Voice Messages tab.

  6. Select the Record Calls option.

  7. Clear the Disable Call Recording Warning option.
    Note: only select the Disable Call Recording Warning option when your phone system is providing the call recording warning announcement to callers as failure to notify callers that call recording is taking placed may be unlawful.

  8. Choose a custom announcement from the Voice Message option or leave blank to use the default message (refer to How to create custom audio files for more details).
    Note: the default warning announcement advises; “For coaching purposes, this call may be recorded”.

  9. Select Save to continue.

Optional steps

  • If required, select Enable Whisper to play an Agent announcement (i.e “call for Business XYZ”) when you need to distinguish which tracking number is being connected.
    Note: This is common when you have multiple businesses with multiple tracking numbers connecting to the same destination numbers (refer to How to create custom audio files for more details).

  • If required, choose the relevant Survey Name from the list of available surveys to play a customer survey at the end of the call.

Note: optional steps are not related to call recording directly, however, these are options available as part of voice messages and can be selected is required.